King County & Eastside Home Sales Report for March 2018

King County & Eastside Home Sales Report King County Home Sales Report shows record sales. In March, King County Closed Sales saw a decrease of 8.15%. The median house sales price in King County was up 45.62% over last year to $625,000.  In March the Eastside closed sales were up 1.68% and the median home price grew by 12.83%.  Inventory Continues to Decline … Continued

Things to Do for Mother’s Day in Bellevue WA and Nearby Areas

Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday to show the special women in your life just how much they are appreciated in their role as caregivers. Bellevue and nearby areas provide amazing, memorable experiences that you can share. Check out these popular venues and events before making plans for this special day. A Traditional Event for … Continued

4 Home Strategies Believed to Increase Luck and Fortune!

Selling your home is a challenging process that is full of exhausting paperwork, waiting around, and hoping against hope that a buyer will offer you the right price. No matter how much we might want to believe otherwise, sometimes success in the real estate has everything to do with luck. In the real estate industry, … Continued

What Do I Need to Know About Homeowners Associations?

A homeowners’ association (HOA) is a common element in many communities. The HOA is an organization designed to improve the quality of life for everyone within a community by enforcing certain rules and restrictions within the community. Some associations are very restrictive about what property owners can and cannot do with their property. The level … Continued

5 Mistakes that Sellers make in today’s hot market.

The market is hot. It’s a extreme sellers market. As a matter of fact Seattle is tied with Denver with the lowest inventory in the nation. Homes are selling quickly and for top dollar. However with the market conditions highly favorable for sellers, I still see mistakes that are costing sellers thousands. Here are 5 … Continued

Things to Do for Easter in Bellevue and Nearby Areas

When you see a swarm of children running with decorative pails, craft egg cartons, paper or plastic bags, you know it may be time for annual Easter egg hunts. The excitement is contagious as parents watch their children’s faces light up from the finds. The Bellevue, Washington area offers a range of cool activities for … Continued

What Happens During an Open House

Are you ready to sell your home? Is the constant revolving door of potential buyers roaming through your home becoming overwhelming for you and your family? Have you considered dropping the asking price just to put an end to the sales process? Before you give up, consider hosting an open house to sell your home. … Continued

17 Tips for Negotiating Offers When Selling a Home

When selling your home, you have two objectives to meet. The first aim is to sell the home, and the second goal is to get a fantastic return on the investment. Your strategy must have the right mix so that you don’t run off potential buyers. In other words, you’ll want to appear as if … Continued

King County Home Sales Report for January 2018

King County Home Sales Report Key Takeaways: Market Activity has slowed as we approach the holiday season. Home prices in King County continue to appreciate in the double digits this year. Interest Rates moved are up to 4.08% for a 30 year fixed mortgage. King County Home Sales Report shows record sales. In January, King County Closed … Continued

Things to Do in Spring in Bellevue WA

Bellevue is a beautiful city nestled across Lake Washington from Seattle. Bellevue has seen some explosive growth over the past couple of decades, largely due to the city of Seattle‘s booming tech sector. Bellevue is often considered a sought-after community, with publications like USA Today ranking Bellevue 2nd best place to live in America in … Continued