Adopt a dog w/ NW Canine Coalition - Kathleen Hunter RealTalk w/ Brian & Dan Ep 45

Welcome back to Real Talk with Brian & Dan on 1150AM KKNW I’m Brian & I’m Dan. Our next guest is Kathleen Hunter, the Founder and Executive Director of NW Canine Coalition.

Kathleen has been helping shelter dogs get adopted since 2013 when she began volunteering at Seattle Humane. She was the first volunteer to take a shelter dog through the six-week Reactive Rover class offered at Seattle Humane. That experience facilitated the dog Coco with being adopted at age 12 years and lived a very full life for another three years. Coco was the first of many “project dogs” Kathleen has worked with.

Often the dogs were right out of bite quarantine but that only helped drive Kathleen’s desire to help the dogs less fortunate to have the same opportunities to be adopted. And with a plan in place and a hand-picked team of fellow volunteers, every dog Kathleen has had the pleasure of working with has been adopted into their forever homes, sometimes through an independent rescue.

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