Do I need Earthquake Insurance? The pros and cons w/ Dan Gelhaye of Insurance Services

As an Independent Agent, my mission is to protect what's important to my clients: their loved ones, their assets, and their personal data. I achieve this by building quality relationships, education, and getting to know my clients. I partner with multiple, reputable companies, providing top-of-the-line auto & home insurance, pet insurance, and identity theft solutions. With more than fifteen years' experience protecting my clients and mitigating risk, I've been able to save my clients money, time, and stress. I put a premium on leading with integrity, world-class service, and have been recognized for best-in-class customer retention.

  1. Before we launch into today’s topic on earthquake insurance, tell us about your Agency and what other types of insurance you offer?
  2. Isn’t earthquake damage already covered by my homeowners’ policy?
  3. Why would I consider purchasing earthquake insurance?
  4. Isn’t earthquake insurance expensive? How much does it cost? 5.) What does this policy cover?
  5. How does it work?
  6. I’ve heard the deductible works differently from homeowners’ insurance. Can you explain?
  7. How big of a risk am I really at living here in the Pacific Northwest?
  8. How many of your clients buy this type of coverage?
  9. Can anyone who owns a home purchase this type of coverage?
  10. How can our listeners get more information on earthquake insurance, or on any other type of insurance you provide?

Dan Gelhaye with Insurance Services Network helps Washington families just like yours demystify and simplify the whole insurance process from start to finish. He works hard to tailor-make a comprehensive package based on your needs and your budget.

Dan Gelhayn Insurances Services Network 425-641-6334

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