Doug Peterson - Get Priorities Straight - Keep more of what you make - Real Talk with Brian & Dan

Our first guest today is Doug Peterson of Get Priorities Straight. Doug Peterson found a passion for owning his own business at a young age and has done so ever since. In 2001, Doug began coaching and mentoring high-income earners to improve business results and find more satisfaction in life. While he has experienced the fruits of success, life hasn’t been without the bitter taste of occasional failures. Doug prefers to think of those setbacks as an MBA from which he learned a lot and choose not to retake those classes. At this stage of Doug’s life, he has noticed an opportunity to make bigger, lasting differences in the lives of his clients. Doug created GPS to help navigate his clients safely through some of life’s challenges.Get Priorities Straight (GPS) was founded out of a passion for positively influencing people’s lives through personal finance coaching.Their aim is to revolutionize how you relate to money, replacing worry and scarcity with peace and abundance. It is a comprehensive, breakthrough personal financial system. You’ll have money when you need it, and your funds will be supporting the priorities and values that drive you.

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