Emma Potter of Rowboat Wood - Rediscovering your creativity with Wood Art

Our next guest is Emma Potter of Rowboat Wood who will be sharing with us how as a stay at home mom she rediscovered her creativity with power tools and how she now runs her own business from her garage.

Emma always had a creative wave flowing through her since she was a kid. Growing up on a hundred-acre farm in Ontario, Canada Emma could easily disappear into nature to play and create. Her favorite spot by far was in the creek, where she would dig her toes into the clay, catch minnows and float in her rowboat for hours on end. While in her boat Emma found solitude, peace, and inspiration for many of her creations.

As the years trickled by, Emma found her life drifting further from the creative and anchoring more around her family. After some encouragement from friends and family, Emma finally decided to dive back in. Working with wood has made areas of her life feel complete and easy. At times while in her workshop, Emma recaptures the feeling of freedom as she did in her boat. Emma is truly inspired when in nature and loves the versatility and variety that wood offers. Experimenting with the combination of layered colored strains and raw, natural wood really allows each piece to tell its own. https://www.rowboatwood.com/

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