Greg Sommers Herivel with Flying Gecko Productions - Real Talk Eps 31

Welcome back to Real Talk with Brian & Dan on 1150AM KKNW I’m Brian & I’m Dan. Our next guests is Greg Sommers-Herivel with Flying Gecko Productions.Hailing out of Seattle, Greg combines his background in science and film to create a unique perspective in his productions. He has been producing and directing projects since 2003. His most recent production, Divine Shadow, a 14-episode web series has won several awards, including Best Director, Best Web Series. Greg recently joined the Japanese Memorial Pilgrimages in 2018 and has been to several pilgrimages to eight of the ten WRA incarceration sites in the past two years. He feels truly inspired by the experiences and stories that have been shared, and fortunate to be a part of filming such an important project. Greg is passionate about empowering others. This can be seen in his filmmaking, on and off screen, as well as his other pursuits. When he is not filming, he teaches traditional Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu karate at the NW School of Karate. He uses this discipline to serve those who have experienced domestic abuse or sexual assault.

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