Melissa Reaves of Story Fruition - Public Speaking & Storytelling Coach Episode 37

Our first guest today is Melissa Reaves of Story Fruition. Melissa Reaves is founder of Story Fruition, LLC and is a public speaking & storytelling coach for executives, founders, entrepreneurs and business owners. She conducts storytelling for business professionals workshops---and provides 1:1 executive coaching to help leaders shine when they are public speaking by helping them craft their personal stories for professional use cases. Her career spans across 20 years of sales, marketing and technology---while also being a professional actor since childhood. She's found frequently sharing her own personal stories at The Moth Story Slams, Fresh Ground Stories, Ignite Seattle and heard on NPR/KNKX on (January 18th, 2020.)

Melissa is also regularly seen on the improv stage at Unexpected Productions. She's a proud mother of two daughters (one is 16 and a musical theater kid; and her 21 year old is about to graduate college majoring in animation). She is also mom to her two silver tabbies, Totoro and Thor. Welcome to the show Melissa!

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