Real Talk - Episode 17 - Eastside Autoworks

Welcome back to Real Talk with Brian & Dan on 1150AM KKNW I’m Brian & I’m Dan. Our next guest is Glenn MacMillan from Eastside Autoworks. Glenn MacMillan has been the owner of Eastside Autoworks for the last 13 years. His company has roots on the Eastside repairing and maintaining vehicles for over 45 years! He has 35 years experience as Automotive Technician he started with taking Automotive shop class at Bellevue High school in 1984. Glenn is now a board member for Bellevue's program and also Renton Technical Colleges he now gives back support that he got many years ago. Glenn has branched out in the last few years creating Campers NW a full service VW camper repair, restore and upgrade facility. Welcome to the show Glenn!

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