Real Talk Episode 31 With Body Building & Video Production

Good afternoon and welcome to RealTalk with Brian & Dan on 1150 KKNW. It is Wednesday, November 13th, 2019.  We are glad you joined us today.  Today we are also live video streaming on Youtube, so check us out on 1150KKNW on Youtube. If you would like to listen to past episodes you can find our podcasts anywhere podcasts are found. Additionally, we have videos of each broadcast available on our blog at, and our youtube channel “The Eastside Real Estate Team.” If you like what you hear please subscribe! We’ve got another great show for you today! I am excited to talk real estate today and we have some great guests. Today we have Jarell Betton of B3 in Cryolex, and Greg Sommers-Herivel of Flying Gecko Productions. Before we get to our guests today, it’s time for some RealTalk!

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