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Good afternoon and welcome to RealTalk with Dan Edwards. It is Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

I’ve got another great show for you today! Today we are welcoming Sheila Storrer, Life & Leadership Coach, Ngina Shulman with Lotus Media, and Doug Peterson from Get Priorities Straight.

In today’s Real Talk Segment we will be talking about our holiday giving partnership with Best Christmas Ever. BCE is a nonprofit that works to help bless local families during the holiday season who have fallen on tough times through no-fault of their own. Last year over 1500 families were nominated to receive a Best Christmas Ever and 126 families were blessed throughout the US and Canada.

To view our individual interviews with each guest, view the links below:

Sheila Storrer | Life & Leadership Coach

Ngina Shulman | Lotus Media

Doug Peterson | Get Priorities Straight

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