RealTalk Episode 11 Tony Starr Fitness

Tony Starr has been in the fitness industry since 2010. Started out managing health clubs and went into a more personal training soon after. Tony started Tony Starr Fitness LLC in 2016 and works with all varieties of people producing results like 100 lbs weight loss stories, injury rehabilitation and bringing athletes to the next level. His Specializations range from corrective exercise, sports enhancement training, Cardio threshold training and other various health certifications.

He competed in amateur bodybuilding competitions for the last 5 years giving him true insight on what it takes to get into those low levels of body fat.
Tony lives in Bellevue with his wife Sarah and his dog Huey. Sarah runs a dog sitting service on top of her job at amazon so they spend a lot of time with animals. Tony likes to spend his time dancing, working out and traveling.
TONY STARR/ Tony Starr Fitness
t: 206.227.7160 / e: [email protected]

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