RealTalk - Episode 18 - Envision Executive Services

Welcome back you’re listening to RealTalk with Brian and Dan on 1150AM KKNW- I’m Brian and I’m Dan. Our first guests today are Bill Crader and Nathan Mumm with Envision Executive Services. Bill Crader’s passion for audio started in his high school years DJ’ing and mixing live events. With his passion for perfect sound, he became a product manager for Mackie where he oversaw the development, production, and support of the very mixers he used in high school. Later, Bill grew his attention to detail while working at Seattle based Vulcan. He executed projects that required nothing but perfection, and ensured that all systems were functioning at all times. He now applies his very unique skill set to design, install, and supporting our clients. Nathan Mumm’s Business Philosophy is "Dream, Believe, Plan and Do". These 4 pillars have provided Nathan Mumm's career with the seamless merging of technology, management, and business operations. With twenty five years of wide-ranging experience in all aspects of IT (infrastructure, applications and user support) and with the ability to maintain and enhance current knowledge trends, technology brings joy to his life as it ignites his passion to learn. Nathan currently enjoys working as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a Private Executive Support Service Company. He was part of the historic growth of Microsoft, has led teams during the rise of Internet services and cloud computing, and most recently supervised technology decisions as the Director of Executive Services for Vulcan INC's founder and technology visionaries.
Welcome to the show Bill and Nathan!

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