Scott Milburn w/ Advocates Law Group, PLLC - Real Talk w/ Brian & Dan Episode 39

Welcome back to Real Talk with Brian & Dan on 1150AM KKNW I’m Brian & I’m Dan. Our next guest is Scott Milburn with Advocates Law Group, PLLC. Scott Milburn is an entrepreneurial attorney and senior business executive who brings a unique combination of legal and business experience to his clients. He began his career in the Justice Department in 1981, and he has been in private practice in the Seattle area since 1985, doing business and real estate law. Scott has also spent several decades in business positions in early stage technology companies, and he continues to provide part-time business assistance to startups.Welcome to the show Scott! What are your hobbies? We like to ask each of our guests to share a fond memory of the home they grew up in? Today we’re talking about the fundamentals of starting a business, when does someone need a legal entity for their business? What are the types of business entities and why should someone choose one or the other? What is a S corporation? What do entrepreneurs often overlook when they start a business? Is there anything additional to do if there is more than one owner of the business? What is the biggest mistake new businesses often make? Does it make sense to buy rental property with an LLC? If the business is going to have people working for it, how do they know if the people are employees or independent contractors? Apparently there is a new law regarding non-compete agreements - can you tell us what has changed? Is there anything special to be done in writing the date on documents with legal significance in 2020?

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