Seattle's Eastside Real Estate Podcast ft. Vanessa Linenberger

You’re watching Seattle’s Eastside Real Estate Podcast. I’m here with Vanessa from Mindfully Smart Finance to discuss the importance of having a financial coach in your circle.

Vanessa is a CPA and financial coach with a mission to help individuals and business owners live a life they love without financial stress or overwhelm. She works with women to provide clarity and confidence to make wise decisions that align with their most important goals and priorities.

Vanessa has worked in corporate accounting for over 10 years and received her CPA in 2016. She loves working with numbers and understanding the story they tell but even more so loves helping others find power in those numbers as well. Vanessa started Mindfully Smart Finance to encourage other women to take control of their finances. Shes created a community for women to have a safe space to discuss and ask questions about money, free of judgement.

As a financial coach, she empowers you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your finances by providing you with the tools you need to set and reach your goals and plan for your future.Finance is not one size fits all and receiving personalized guidance enables you to have a plan that fits your needs and desires. Providing you the necessary tools to achieve your dreams is her priority.

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