Solar Power in Seattle? YES! Edwin Wanji w/ Sphere Solar Energy - RealTalk w/ Brian & Dan Ep 40

Welcome back to Real Talk with Brian & Dan on 1150AM KKNW I’m Brian & I’m Dan. Our next guest is Edwin Wanji with Sphere Solar Energy LLC. Edwin has successfully worked for over 15 years in construction both in the private and public sectors. After 5 years of working for the City of Seattle, he began pursuing his passion for renewable energy and has worked to design and install solar systems all over Washington State as well as overseas in East Africa. By performing all aspects of the installation process, from consulting and design to boots-on-a-roof hands-on work, his cumulative knowledge and experience have brought him to a position of leadership within the Solar Industry. Originally from humble beginnings in Kenya, Edwin plans to harness his skills and introduce solar energy to educational facilities, agricultural enterprises and remote healthcare clinics in the less fortunate communities around the world. Welcome to the show Edwin!

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