Support for local business: Sammamish Chamber of Commerce RealTalk Ep 50 w/Deb Sogge

Welcome back! You’re listening to RealTalk with Brian and Dan on 1150AM KKNW. I’m Brian. And I’m Dan. Our first guest today is Deb Sogge with the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce. Having worked with Corporations and small businesses, both internationally and locally, Deb Sogge has come to understand the differences and challenges these entities deal with. Marketing and promotion is Deb’s passion and she is inspired by watching businesses grow. Deb’s passion led her to the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce as she became their first E.D. in 2008 and CEO in 2018. Deb is privileged to meet and work with a variety of business owners and reps. as they work together to grow and bring prosperity to Sammamish and the area beyond. Welcome to the show Deb!


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