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Danielle Miller (Owner of Hot Yoga Experience) & Gimena Mazzetti (Manager and Instructor at Hot Yoga Experience)

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"I am a business owner, mom, coach, and athlete. I am inspired to create change. After years of beating up my body through competitive sports, I needed a change. I was searching for something to help heal my injuries without becoming bored. I found it in Hot Yoga. I could challenge myself every class and saw improvements in my first week. I loved learning how to internally focus, which correlated in my daily work. As a mom of a toddler, I needed my Hot Yoga time to re energize and get myself in the right frame of mind to start and end my day. I decided to become an instructor to share with others all the good things Hot Yoga brought to my life. When I leave a Hot Yoga class I am refreshed, energized, and very sweaty. I would recommend Hot Yoga for everyone regardless of age, gender, ability, or background. Everyone has daily challenges and Hot Yoga can be the thing to help you overcome them. Hot Yoga Experience has been in business since 2011 and has 3 locations on the Eastside; Issaquah, Sammamish, and Redmond. I live in Fall City with my daughter and dogs. I played rugby on the USA Women’s National Team. I love hot yoga, hiking, learning, reading, and traveling. I naturally have horrible fashion sense, but am very open to help at all times. I love to help a cause and am inspired by passionate people. My favorite quote is: Abundance is represented by an uninterrupted circle of giving and receiving. Gimena Mazzetti (Manager and Instructor at Hot Yoga Experience) Gimena is a certified yoga instructor at Hot Yoga Experience, who teaches from a place of playfulness and sparkle while challenging her students to find their physical edge. She is an Argentinian native and has lived in the Greater Seattle area since 2003. She is married to Bill and they are both proud parents of two beautiful girls and a dog. She is passionate about healthy living and nutrition and discovered yoga after having her second baby. She truly believes in the physical and spiritual benefits of a consistent yoga practice. In 2014 she had a skiing accident and needed reconstructive knee surgery; a daily and consistent yoga practice in the hot room at HYE was a critical factor in her complete rehabilitation. From the first day, she fell in love with the HYE caring and welcoming teachers and staff. She decided to become an instructor to share her passion for yoga with the world!" Topic Staying active, fit, healthy, maintaining sanity and staying connected with your community! Does that sound like a dream in times of quarantine and social distancing? We can tell you how we are doing that at HYE.

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