Zach Davis of WindowWorks Property Services Real Talk w/ Brian & Dan Episode 39

Welcome back! You’re listening to RealTalk with Brian and Dan on 1150AM KKNW. I’m Brian. And I’m Dan. Our first guest today is Zach Davis, the owner and operator of WindowWorks Property Services. WindowWorks specializes in window cleaning and roof maintenance. Zach only hires Veterans and started Solar Empowerment Solutions which is a non-profit that travels internationally to install solar energy and educate developing communities about the importance of being self-sufficient and sustainable. Zach’s business philosophy is old school in its simplicity - combine what you’re good at with what you can be paid for with what the world needs and lastly what you love. When your profession, vocation, passion and mission all come together that’s called ikigai, a Japanese concept that means simply, “reason for being”. Welcome to the show Zach! What are your hobbies? We like to ask each guest to share with us a fond memory of the home they grew up in. How did you find your way to windows? What sets WindowWorks apart from other window cleaning companies? What made you commit to only hiring Veterans? You also have a non-profit called Solar Empowerment Solutions - What is that about and how does it tie in with WindowWorks and your business model?

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