Life sometimes throws us curve balls, and selling your home in a hurry may be one of those challenges. Selling your home is one thing, but figuring out how to sell your home fast is no easy task. Although there are no guarantees of when your home will find its perfect buyer, there are things you can do to influence a quicker sale.

Have a Pre-Appraisal

You won’t be able to use a pre-appraisal in your real estate transaction, but you can use it to increase the value of your property and to determine the best selling price for your house.

When you view the appraiser’s findings, you may notice big chunks of change subtracted from your home’s value for seemingly small items. Things such as torn window screens, rusty doorknobs, broken locks, and cracked electrical socket covers can be expensive deductions, but inexpensive repairs. When you invest in a pre-appraisal and take into consideration the findings, you can set yourself up to succeed with the required appraisal later.

Your appraiser’s evaluation can also help you determine the best selling price for your home.Β  Home prices fluctuate with the real estate market, so a current appraisal can enlighten you about what to expect. Β Β Read MoreΒ 

Stage It

When you take the time to make your home look its best, you increase the chances that people on the search for the perfect house will fall in love with the property. Staging is the technique of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning everything from the outside to the inside, including the nooks and crannies.

Curb appeal packs a powerful punch; it’s where house-hunters get their first impression. When the outside of the house is picture-perfect, that charm stays with the buyer throughout their tour. Β Read More

An open, clean, de-personalized home allows the shoppers to imagine themselves living in the space, leading them closer to putting in an offer.

Choose the Right Agent

Interview agents before deciding upon which agent is best for you. Ask about the last six transactions the real estate agent completed, including initial asking price, final sales price, the number of price reductions, and length of time on the market.

Next, verify the qualifications of potential real estate agents. The agent with whom you choose to work should be an expert in the type of property you’re selling, and the neighborhood your home occupies. Beware of agents who promise the highest sales price or lowest commission.

You and your agent should have good rapport since you’ll be working with him or her closely. Establish clear lines of communication and make sure you feel comfortable asking questions. Read More

Price it Right

Your home might not carry the same value today as it did when you bought it. You also cannot attribute sentimental value to the worth of the house.

The pre-appraisal you obtain in the beginning is your best starting point for understanding how to price your home to sell fast. Your agent’s advice and expertise also help you gauge price. When you price your house too high, it’s more likely to undergo price drops or stay longer on the market. Read More

Market Your Home to Sell Fast

Real estate sales depend heavily on marketing tactics. Selling your house takes more than sticking a sign in the yard and blindly trusting your agent. Talk with your agent in-depth about the marketing plan for your property.

Marketing your house for sale include the yard sign, but also includes listing in the MLS (multiple listing service) where other agents can access the information. Your real estate agent also likely has a database of buyers who match your home’s criteria. Furthermore, you can place classified ads to promote your property. And don’t rule out the simple concept of telling people you know that you’re selling. They may not be in the market to buy but may know someone who is looking for real estate. Read More

Offer a Home Warranty

You can make a small investment of approximately $300-$500 to purchase a home warranty to include with the sale of your house. Buyers are cautious with investing in pre-owned properties because they have no way of knowing what problems are hiding in the structure.

When you include a home warranty, you’re providing assurance to the buyers that their investment is protected for no less than one year after their purchase.Β  If major systems fail during the first year of ownership, the new owners aren’t left alone holding the inconvenience and expense of making repairs.

Allow Various Financing

Buyers have access to a wide range of funding options. There are conventional loans provided by banks and lenders, loans backed by the Veteran’s Association for military members, FHA loans for which the Federal Housing Association provides mortgage insurance in cases where the borrower defaults, and more.

Some sellers are leery of certain kinds of loans, which may cause them to rule out a particular buyer based on financing. Before you sell yourself short by eliminating offers, talk with your real estate agent about the various loan types and what they mean for you.

Negotiate Offers

In a perfect world, you’d receive at least one if not multiple offers that exactly match what you’re asking for the sale of your house. These ideal proposals would align regarding price, timelines, and contingencies. However, exact-match offers are rare, especially in a buyer’s market.

Offers you receive may be for a lower price than you’d expected, may require more time especially in the case of contingencies where the buyer must sell an existing home before buying yours or may include special requests you may not have expected.

When you’re too rigid and locked in on what you think you should get, refusing negotiations, you may find your house harder to sell, and far more challenging to sell fast.

Consider each offer carefully, and be open to negotiating in price, in terms, or in both. Trust your real estate agent to advise you in negotiations.


Selling your house is a stressful experience, and more when you’re feeling the crunch of an expedited timeline. However, you don’t have to leave the process to chance or luck.

Obtain a pre-approval. Efficiently price your home to sell. Find the right real estate agent to guide you through the process. Stage your home to show it in its best light. Market the heck out of your property. Consider offers with varied financing and educate yourself about the pros and cons before ruling out proposals. Be open to negotiating offers and modifying your terms.

Take control of your experience, prepare in advance, and keep your eye on the prize of your future move.

This information is provided courtesy of The Eastside Real Estate Team. Keep us in mind for all your real estate needs. Call us today at 425-200-4093.

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