luxury-house-2-dan-edwardsSelling a luxury home can be more difficult than selling a home in the median price range for the area, because the market for buyers is much smaller. Not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a home. That does not mean that it will be impossible to sell. Here are some tips to help you to sell your luxury home for a fair price.

Make It Neutral

You might think that purple walls in the kitchen are a great way to put you in the mood to bake cookies, but there is a good chance that most potential buyers will not feel the same way. Instead, they will see the purple and automatically think of the work that they will need to do to re-paint. Luxury home buyers do not want to spend a lot of time fixing things. Before you list your luxury home, paint the walls a neutral color, get rid of any wallpaper that is too flashy, and touchup borders, mantels, and other areas where you’ve added a touch that potential buyers might not like. You want them to see potential to add their own flair, not work that needs to be done.


A luxury home needs to be incredible, both inside and out. Hire a landscaping company to make sure that there are flowers blooming in the yard. Trees need to be trimmed. Powerwash the outside and paint where necessary. If there’s a pool, keep it and the area around it clean. The house also needs to be spotless. Rugs should be deep cleaned before you list it, and it’s not a bad idea to have a cleaning company stop by before each showing. Have your ducts cleaned so that the air will be fresher. No one wants to spend a million or more on a home that seems to have a dust problem.

luxury-house-5-dan-edwardsUse a Staging Company

A luxury home needs to feel luxurious. If you don’t have high end items in your home, you might want to hire a staging company and rent them while the house is on the market. An added statue in the foyer and a leather couch in the living room might be what it takes for a potential buyer to picture his or her things in the house. That is the goal, to make it feel like home to someone who is interested. A silver service on the dining room table might make the difference, even if it’s a silver service that is rented.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Potential buyers are going to want to have a good idea of what the house looks like before they make an appointment. The right photographer will know how to make your home look fabulous in the pictures, the wrong photographer will just snap photos. Hiring a photographer who has experience with luxury homes will make more people want to see your home.

Work with a Professional Real Estate Agent

It doesn’t matter that your cousin’s best friend is an agent, if he or she does not specialize in luxury homes. You need to list your home with someone who has experience working with luxury clients. Often luxury homes are not listed on traditional home buying websites. If you work with a real estate agent who is known for selling luxury homes, potential buyers will seek him or her out.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Have a price range in mind when you list your house, and list it slightly higher than you hope to receive. There is a lot of negotiating with a luxury home. With some back and forth, you’ll agree on a price that is fair to everyone.

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