Established in 1986, Bright Horizons is a leading childcare center in Bellevue, Washington that provides a wide variety of educational services, which includes early education, back-up care, advisory assistance, after-school programs, summer camp, and work/life solutions.

Their primary goal is to nurture each child and help them reach their utmost potential through education. They support creating an environment that focuses on personal growth, diversity, and building a strong social support network.

Bright Horizons’ Learning Standards

One of the main benefits of enrolling your child in Bright Horizons is that they receive personal, one-on-one teaching. The student to teacher ratio is 20:1, which enables each child to gain the attention that they deserve. Each teacher works together with each student’s guardian to discover the student’s academic strengths and focus on reaching individual goals. This innovative approach to learning will help each student achieve academic success in a dynamic learning environment. Bright Horizons meets and exceeds Common Core State Standards, providing a valuable learning experience that will last a lifetime

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Bright Horizons’ Educational Curriculum

Bright Horizons in Downtown Bellevue offers a comprehensive educational curriculum that focuses on strong language skills, math, reading, and writing abilities. The educational program “Our World at Their Fingerprints” enables each student to learn the necessary skills to succeed in today’s educational system, while providing them the freedom and flexibility to develop their own unique talents. This educational program offers a rich experience that helps each child to develop their inner strengths and abilities. With the guidance of each teacher, every child will be set up for future success in this state of the art education program.

Summer Camp at Bright Horizons

Another advantage of attending Bright Horizons in downtown Bellevue is that it offers summer camp programs for kids from pre-school to elementary. These programs provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, which includes Tee Time, That Kid’s Got Talent, X-treme Sports, The Great Big Outdoors, and many more fun events for all ages.

Besides offering a fun-filled summer camp, Bright Horizons in Bellevue also offers after school child care for working families. They have a strong involvement in the community, which helps each child to learn how to work hard and achieve goals through teamwork.

Bright Horizons offers a fantastic learning environment for kids attending pre-school and throughout elementary. The motto for each teacher is to provide an enriched learning environment that focuses on helping each student to develop a passion for education and treating each other with the utmost respect.

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