Nestled in the beautiful city of Bellevue, Cedar Crest Academy is a private school for children, starting with age groups from preschool and going up through fifth grade. Cedar Crest Academy is known for its focus on academic excellence. Students are taught in a stimulating, creative environment by professional teachers who are highly trained. Teachers are taught to build the curriculum in ways that can best suit each individual student.

Class Sizes and Parental Involvement

With each student wearing the forest green uniform with the prized school osprey mascot, they can study earnestly and receive thorough one-on-one attention from their teachers in classes that hold no more than 13 students each. Students are guaranteed to be taught in the way they can learn best. In addition, parents receive plenty of progress updates that allow them to remain completely involved in their child’s education.

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Clubs at Cedar Crest Academy

Outside of the standard academic classes, students can partake in club activities, which take place twice a week for 7 weeks. Students are then able to pick two other club activities for the 7 weeks following that. There is a wide variety of club options to choose from, such as computer coding, journalism, karate, cooking, photography, yoga, broadcasting, and many others.

Harry Potter Inspired Houses

Not only are there club activities to look forward to, but at the start of each year, students are put into Harry Potter inspired houses, by color (red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple). Through the school year, the five houses will participate in various competitions, events, and activities, as well as electing their own captain and vice-captain at council meetings to represent each house. Cedar Crest believes this fosters school spirit, healthy competition, teamwork, and respect for themselves and classmates.

Summer Programs at Cedar Crest Academy

Other than the typical school year, Cedar Crest Academy offers summer programs as well, based on age groupβ€” preschool to kindergarten and first through fourth grade. Parents can opt for their children to attend for just a few weeks or for all eight weeks. With two different themes each week, children will do hands-on work and build up skills for a variety of camp-related activities, as well as just have lots of fun with friends.

Enrolling at Cedar Crest Academy

Whether parents have a child they want to enroll in preschool or fifth grade, Cedar Crest Academy offers some of the best schooling to kickstart the rest of your child’s education. Small class sizes afford every child only the best attention and learning by the best teachers. Class houses and clubs help enrich each school day and encourages social and personal development and education beyond the standard classes.

Quality summer programs let the kids regroup with their friends and gets them outside while taking on special, themed camp-related activities that allow further learning. For parents wanting to see for themselves, Cedar Crest offers open houses as well as group tours twice a month, or once a week during application season.

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