When you live in Bellevue, Washington, you have ample options for educating your young, including public and private schools. Among the possibilities for teaching students in grades kindergarten through fifth is Chestnut Hill Academy, situated in Factoria off I-90 and 405. Chestnut Hill Academy is a private, secular, co-educational school that features small class sizes, low student to teacher ratio, and an emphasis on caring for the needs of the whole child. Focusing on the entire child encompasses academic lessons and extracurricular activities, but also on the social, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Education is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you or your student need to settle for less than the best schools. Public schools are a benefit to the community, but private schools allow households with financial means to secure a more tailored educational experience.

Founded in 1998, Chestnut Hill Academy educates, on average, 250 students per year. There are approximately 15 students per classroom, with a student to teacher ratio of about 10:1. Small sized classes and low student to teacher ratio allow for more personalized lessons and sized opportunities for spontaneous learning. Although the school prides itself on an outstanding curriculum and additional learning opportunities, it also embraces life as a learning experience. Of the 24 teachers, all have current WA teaching certificates. Additionally, 18 members of the teaching staff have earned master’s degrees.

Students who attend Chestnut Hill Academy dress for school according to the school’s strict uniform policy. There are casual and formal uniforms for boys and girls, although the school does periodically celebrate “free dress” days which are announced well in advance. Uniforms reflect the school’s colors of reflective blue and forest green. Uniforms are believed to reduce the importance of fashion, encourage acceptance, and foster school spirit, among other beliefs. School spirit is also fostered through the school’s mascot, a chipmunk.

In addition to the standard subjects covered in the challenging curriculum, the Chestnut Hill Academy offers students more than twenty extra-curricular activities that include foreign languages, music, sports, arts and crafts, cooking, creative writing, digital media, coding, and more. Furthermore, for households that require additional care, the Chestnut Hill Academy offers before and after school programs for an additional fee. Standard annual tuition for students attending Chestnut Hill Academy is $20,520 per year.

Students graduating from Chestnut Hill Academy do so with a sense of independence, confidence, and enthusiasm for learning. Students gain excellent social skills and emotional strengths with which they go on to other private and public schools in the area.

Although Washington is rightfully proud of its public-school districts, the area is fortunate to have access to a variety of excellent private schools for securing a more tailored educational experience for your household. When you live in Bellevue, Washington and have a student attending school in grades kindergarten through fifth and private school is an option, consider Chestnut Hill Academy.

Chestnut Hill Academy is located at 13633 SE 26th Street in Bellevue, Washington 98005. For additional information, call 435-372-2800.

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