On the slopes of Cougar Mountain, with spectacular views of Lake Sammamish and the Bellevue Skyline, is the community of Eastgate/Cougar Mountain in Bellevue, Washington. The Eastgate/Cougar Mountain community consists of 16 neighborhoods, 8 parks, and 3 schools. With a primarily single-family residential appeal, many of the homes in the area are luxury homes constructed with an appreciation for scenic views and comfortable lifestyles.

Neighborhoods, parks, and shopping centers in Eastgate/Cougar Mountain are linked by a pedestrian trail system, adding walkability to the charm of the community.

Eastgate/Cougar Mountain, because if its upscale nature, encompass several subdivisions with strictly enforced regulations to preserve the natural surroundings. Many of the neighborhoods have privately owned greenways and high-end amenities.

Eastgate/Cougar Mountain thrives across from natural stretches of countryside that hasn’t been manipulated by man. Because of the community’s proximity to open natural areas, wildlife sightings are not uncommon. Although cougars are rare, they have been spotted in the area. More commonly, raccoons, opossum, deer, and an occasional bear wander into the community.

Nearly 17,000 people have made their home in the Eastgate/Cougar Mountain community, which hosts 6,190 residential units. The average household earns approximately $150,000 or more annually. Median single family home values exceed a million dollars.

Nearby Cougar Mountain Park is a popular attraction for residents, featuring more than 35 miles of intertwined trails for hiking, biking, or walking. With its waterfall, 1610 ft. forested peaks, wildlife, and scenic views, the area is a hot spot for photography opportunities, and recreational activities for people of all ages.

Wildlife and man-made creature comforts come together in the picturesque landscape upon the slopes of Cougar Mountain.

When you appreciate the finer things in life, yet still find beauty in the natural environment, Eastgate/Cougar Mountain may be the perfect location to call home.

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