When you live twenty miles south of Seattle in Issaquah, Washington and surrounding areas in King County, Washington, you become familiar with the recreational beauty and serene opportunities for rest and relaxation at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. If you’re just visiting the Issaquah community, see if you can schedule in a day or three for exploring the region’s jewel of the Alps where the mountains’ crown bows its head to the west. Part of the highlands in the east side suburbs of Seattle, Cougar Mountain is the lowest and westernmost portion of the Alps.

The mountain is interwoven with 35 miles of wide, well-marked trails – including twelve miles of equestrian paths, along which there are opportunities to stop to learn about people, places, and things related to the locale’s mining history.

The mountain’s history weaves through time and culture and many locations do, serving as a hunting and gathering ground for Native Americans. From cowboys covered wagons, and Indians to railroads and civilized communities, the mountain became popular for mining after the railroads came through at the end of the nineteenth century. Later, in the 1950s when the territory faced miscellaneous threats, it was used as a factor in an anti-aircraft missile defense program, which was later decommissioned in 1964.

With the wild west theme and railroad crossings becoming a part of the past, and the military use subsided, the mountain rested until such time that King County opted to claim the mountain as its own and convert it into the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, which spans 3,115 acres, but as a bonus, is connected to Squak Mountain State Park via the Cougar-Squak corridor. Together, the parks create a public land area where wildlife is protected, recreation is celebrated, beauty is appreciated, and in some cases, where residential growth meets the mountain’s edge, some residents create lifestyles in the mountainous terrain. Several luxurious master-planned communities are making their way up the mountainside, complete with an array of amenities to satisfy creature comforts.

The mountain’s trails unfold and wrap through a variety of diverse habitats between 1,000 and 1,595 feet above sea level. The mountain houses forests and cliffs, streams and wetland, caves, and a variety of housing options for the wildlife who also calls Cougar Mountain in Issaquah home.

Cougar Mountain is home to a multitude of wildlife, but also houses the Cougar Mountain Zoo, another favorite venue for locals and tourists to visit. The Cougar Mountain Zoo aims to promote conservation through education, providing ample opportunities for fun-infused learning. The mountain area and the zoo are both great areas for snapping excellent photographs from hobbyists, amateurs, and professional photographers.

Whether you live in Issaquah, Washington or you’re just visiting the area, you’d enjoy getting to know the Cougar Mountain area. Not only are the trails a naturally beautiful play to unwind from the week’s stresses and connect with life untamed, but the mountain’s location has been a staple in the Issaquah community for many moons.

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