King County & Eastside Home Sales Report for September 2018

King County & Eastside Home Sales Report The Story is now INVENTORY!!!  In September, the number of total active listings in King County rose by 78.36% from September of 2017. On the Eastside, inventory increased of 87.10% YoY from September of 2017. More choices for buyers Pending & Closed Sales are down According to our King County Home Sales … Continued

The top 3 myths keeping buyers on the fence

Is fear keeping buyers from the opportunity of a lifetime? Many buyers are concerned about what the way the market may be going. After years of an incredibly hot market the fear is keeping them for seeing what is really going on.  The housing market just tapped it’s breaks.  It’s not about going backwards and … Continued

You Need an Agent Who Will Always Put You First

Not all real estate professionals are the same. Smart buyers understand that it’s important to interview more that one agent prior to hiring the best person for the job. Look for a professional with experience, enthusiasm and creativity.

Eastside Summer Camps And Programs

Bellevue families with young and school age children will be happy to discover the many options for summer camps and programs in the Eastside area and around nearby King County. This region east of Seattle includes the communities of Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah and Mercer Island and is known for its abundant natural and community resources. … Continued

How to Sell a House with Problems

There is a lot of work that goes into selling a home. No two business transactions are the same and the same can be said of houses. Each home may have problems that arise during the selling process. These problems have the potential to delay or even stop the sale of your home. However, there’s … Continued

Buying a House in Bellevue with Mold Damage

Purchasing a home with a mold issue isn’t desirable, but it also needn’t be a deal breaker. Mold can be removed, walls or other features replaced (if it comes to that), and the moisture issue that led to the mold growth can be repaired. Even so, buyers need to understand any mold problems that might … Continued

17 Tips for Negotiating Offers When Selling a Home

When selling your home, you have two objectives to meet. The first aim is to sell the home, and the second goal is to get a fantastic return on the investment. Your strategy must have the right mix so that you don’t run off potential buyers. In other words, you’ll want to appear as if … Continued

What Does it Cost to Close on a House

Purchasing a house can include a myriad of costs for which one must be prepared. These costs are typically assessed in the form of fees that are paid when the real estate transaction is closed, meaning when the title or deed is transferred to the buyer. While there are closing costs that typically need to … Continued

How to Buy a Foreclosure Property

Buying a foreclosure property may seem like a wise investment. You might see dollar signs racking up before your eyes, money that you could apply towards renovations or furnishings – or even college fund savings for the future for your loved ones. When you’re willing to consider buying a foreclosure property, you have the chance … Continued

Your Guide to Offering a Home Warranty When Selling

Would you believe that a home warranty could make the difference between a buyer choosing your house or another? When competition is fierce, or buyers are slow to decide, a home warranty could provide the assurance needed to set your house for sale apart from the rest. Here’s your guide to offering a home warranty … Continued