King County & Eastside Home Sales Report for August 2018

King County & Eastside Home Sales Report The Story is now INVENTORY!!!  In August, the number of total active listings in King County rose by 74.32% from August of 2017. On the Eastside, inventory increased of 83.01% YoY from August of 2017. More choices for buyers Pending & Closed Sales are down According to our King County Home Sales … Continued

Selling Your House On Your Own Could Cost You

“In this hot market, some sellers are thinking that they can maximize their profits by taking on the role of the agent. The statistics simply don’t support that. The truth is, you wouldn’t be your own attorney and you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself. To maximize your sales price get a true professional involved.” – Dan Edwards

How to Sell a House with Problems

There is a lot of work that goes into selling a home. No two business transactions are the same and the same can be said of houses. Each home may have problems that arise during the selling process. These problems have the potential to delay or even stop the sale of your home. However, there’s … Continued

4 Home Strategies Believed to Increase Luck and Fortune!

Selling your home is a challenging process that is full of exhausting paperwork, waiting around, and hoping against hope that a buyer will offer you the right price. No matter how much we might want to believe otherwise, sometimes success in the real estate has everything to do with luck. In the real estate industry, … Continued

5 Mistakes that Sellers make in today’s hot market.

The market is hot. It’s a extreme sellers market. As a matter of fact Seattle is tied with Denver with the lowest inventory in the nation. Homes are selling quickly and for top dollar. However with the market conditions highly favorable for sellers, I still see mistakes that are costing sellers thousands. Here are 5 … Continued

17 Tips for Negotiating Offers When Selling a Home

When selling your home, you have two objectives to meet. The first aim is to sell the home, and the second goal is to get a fantastic return on the investment. Your strategy must have the right mix so that you don’t run off potential buyers. In other words, you’ll want to appear as if … Continued

Your Guide to Offering a Home Warranty When Selling

Would you believe that a home warranty could make the difference between a buyer choosing your house or another? When competition is fierce, or buyers are slow to decide, a home warranty could provide the assurance needed to set your house for sale apart from the rest. Here’s your guide to offering a home warranty … Continued

Complete Guide to Marketing Your Home to Sell

There’s no experience quite like that of selling your home. If you’ve taken care of your property, you have an asset that you stand to make a substantial profit from selling. Unless you are a professional, selling a house is something that you’ll do once, maybe twice, in your lifetime. With such a big decision … Continued

Choose the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

You’ve decided to use a seller’s agent to help you list your house for sale. You’ll probably be glad you did. But finding the right real estate agent to fit your particular needs, whose personality matches your own, with mastery in the niche you need, who’s an expert in your area, now that’s a tall … Continued

Complete Guide to Staging Your Home

You may have heard the term staging before, and you may have some idea of what it means. When you’re getting ready to list your house, staging is one of the most important steps you can take to attract buyers, encourage offers, and earn the highest price. Perception is everything, and when potential buyers come … Continued