I would like to thank you for helping me through out the process and providing such a good experience. There were so surprises on the way and everything went as suggested by you guys. I am in process of writing reviews through the link that you provided.
Hope we get chance to do business again. Have a nice day!!


Aditya D

We just sold our townhouse with Joshua Service and Dan Edwards at Keller Williams. We listed the property on January 17, 2017 and the sale closed on Feb 10, 2017. We had worked with Joshua for over 5 years when he managed our property. We rented it out until the real estate market was at a place where we could sell and at least break even. As our property manager, Joshua helped us keep it consistently rented over the years. He was an exceptional property manager handling all kinds of problems that arose from our renters and always advocating for us. He knew WA State tenant and landlord laws exceptionally well and was able to guide us through pit falls we would have fallen into without his help.

A year ago we tried to sell our property, with a different real estate agent, but were unsuccessful. That was a big deal because we spent lots of money and our personal time painting, repairing and getting it ready to sell. It was off the market for 4 months which meant it was unrented during that time. That meant 4 months of paying a mortgage and our own rent. The next time we put it on the market we wanted to be sure we could sell it quickly.

Joshua, and Dan Edwards, guided us throughout the process. They recommended the best time to put the property on the market, made some repairs, had someone paint, and got the place staged for us. The place was beautiful! And we didn’t have to do any of it ourselves! They also recommended we start at a higher asking price and when we got multiple offers they recommended which offer we should except.

Our experience could not have been better. We are so lucky to have sold our home with Joshua and Dan. I fully believe that without them we would have listed it too low and would not have sold the place as quickly and for the amount we got. We broke even and then some truly feeling that we got the best return on our investment. We were in experienced and knowledgeable hands with Joshua and Dan! When we buy our next home we’ll be coming back to Keller Williams!

We bought a house this fall.  We were first-time homebuyers and had heard horror stories about the process.  We were excited about the end result, but kind of dreading the whole effort of getting there.  Dan Edwards was recommended to us, so after a bad experience with another realtor, we sat down with him.  We were impressed, and decided to work with him.

We were outbid several times, but he walked us through the whole process.  He had excellent advice, and provided excellent data (enough in quality and quantity to keep a statistician happy).  He and his team were great from start to finish, and got us a home we love at a better price than we expected (or had any reason to expect, based on the market).

We would use him again, happily (and will use him again, when we sell this place at some point in the future).  Great experience!

Dan Edwards did a great job selling my home.

From the moment we first got in contact, he was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

The first time we met in person for a consultation we talked for almost two hours, until every question I had was satisfied. He never looked at his watch, never tried to sell to me, and was not stumped when I asked very specific questions in relation to his marketing tactics (I am in marketing, so there were some hard questions).

The time table he had set for selling my home was also right on. I gave him a timeline for when I could have my house ready by, and we both stuck to the dates. He also offered any assistance he could in helping me get my house ready to sell.

The house went up on the market on a Wednesday, and by the very next Tuesday, only six days later, the house had sold.

He helped make what could be a stressful process very simple and stress-free. He was very responsive to my calls and emails, and reached out to me if he hadn’t heard from me to make sure I didn’t have any questions.

I would definitely use him again, if I needed to sell another home!

Elizabeth D.